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KM&A Files $231,000 Lawsuit Against Dr. Abhay Vats

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October 22, 2013

Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC filed a Complaint Monday on behalf of Mirchi, Inc., Sanjeev Roy, and Suresh Kumar against Dr. Abhay Vats. The parties formerly owned and operated a restaurant and grocery store located in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. The Complaint alleges that Dr. Vats unlawfully took property and caused the business behind “Mirchi Fine Indian Cuisine” and “Mirchi Indian Grocery Store” to fail.

The opening paragraph of the Complaint summarizes the causes of action:

Plaintiffs’ action arises out of [Dr. Vats’] failure to comply with the terms of the Corporate Formation Agreement signed by the parties. This failure caused the business operated by the corporation to fail and the Plaintiffs to lose their life savings. [Dr. Vats] used the failure of the business as an opportunity to take possession of the personal property of the Plaintiffs and has not compensated them for doing so. In addition to the damage caused by the failure of the businesses, the Plaintiffs suffered when [Dr. Vats] defamed the Plaintiffs, infringed upon the trademark rights of the corporation, and breached his fiduciary duty as a Director of the corporation.

The Complaint seeks monetary damages in excess of $231,195.00, among other forms of relief. Lead attorneys on this case for the Plaintiffs are David Manes and Elizabeth Pollock-Avery. See the entire Complaint here: GD-13-020044 MIRCHI, INC., SANJEEV ROY, and SURESH KUMAR v. ABHAY VATS

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