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Employment law has been the core practice area of this firm for nearly a decade. During that time, we've represented hundreds of clients and won many millions of dollars for them. 


You are encouraged to research the information below as you research our firm as well. You can also review our experienced team of professionals and contact us if we can assist you. 

Wrongful Termination

Pennsylvania, like most of the U.S., is an "at-will" employment state. This means that most workers can be fired at any time, and for almost any reason. It is even legal to fire employees for no reason at all. 

However, there are some important exceptions to this rule. If you have recently been let go from your job, and you believe it was motivated by discrimination, retaliation, or one of the other illegal reasons described below, then the employment lawyers at Manes & Narahari LLC can help. 


Read more about Wrongful Termination here.  


Employers are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of certain protected factors. If an employer treats workers differently (hiring, firing, promotions, or discipline) because of these factors, they are in serious violation of state and federal laws. The most common types of discrimination we see are:

  • Sex discrimination

  • Race discrimination

  • Age discrimination

  • Disability discrimination

  • Pregnancy discrimination

  • Military status discrimination

  • FMLA discrimination

  • Age discrimination

  • LGBT discrimination

Read more about Discrimination here. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is strictly illegal and should never be tolerated in the workplace. Unfortunately, too many ​men in positions of power still believe they can get away with it. Some examples of unlawful sexual harassment are:

  • Crude sexual jokes

  • Explicit storytelling

  • Unwanted touching

  • Inappropriate sexual advances

  • Sexual bullying or harassment

  • Quid pro quo promises in exchange for sexual favors

Read more about Sexual Harassment here. 

Employment Contracts

A good employment lawyer can help navigate through employment contracts, which can be very difficult to understand. These agreements are incredibly important to understand though, and the consequences can be severe. We commonly represent people who need help with agreements like these:

  • Non-Compete Agreements

  • Severance Agreements

  • Independent Contractor Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Relocation / Training Reimbursement Agreements

Read more about Employment Contracts here. 


When an employer punishes an employee for engaging in a protected act, it is called retaliation, and it is illegal. "Protected Acts" include things like making an HR complaint about harassment, cooperating with an OSHA investigation, or even filing a lawsuit.  It can also include resisting sexual advances, requesting an accommodation for a disability, or assisting someone else with protecting their rights. 

If you have been fired, demoted, or harassed because you did the right thing, then an experienced employment attorney can help.


Read more about Retaliation here. 


As the unemployment compensation benefits system continues to evolve, let our employment lawyers make sure you get the benefits you deserve. Our attorneys can help you navigate appeals and sudden changes to unemployment laws and regulation. We make a complicated process as simple as we can. 


Read more about Retaliation here. 

Medical Marijuana

Under Pennsylvania's Medical Marijuana Act ("MMA"), most employers may not discriminate against, terminate, or fail to hire an employee solely on the basis of the employee's medical marijuana usage. The MMA provides a cause of action for employees who have been subjected to discrimination due to their medical marijuana usage.


Read more about Medical Marijuana in the workplace here. 


Employers must provide at least 12 weeks of leave to employees when they or a loved one experience a serious medical issue because the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires it. 


Read more about FMLA here. 

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Our firm has over 10 years of experience providing world-class legal representation to those who need it. We help employees, entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals. Based out of Pittsburgh, we work with clients across Pennsylvania.  See what our clients say about us:


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