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Business Law

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Choosing the appropriate corporate form and properly forming a corporation are essential to maximize a corporation's protection.

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LLC Formation 

Some small businesses choose to form an LLC, or a limited liability corporation. LLCs can be simpler and less expensive than corporations. Our firm can help you decide if a LLC is right for your needs.

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Business Litigation

If your business is involved in a lawsuit, let us help you. Our experienced litigators can help you file or defend a lawsuit. At every step of the way, we are ready to fight aggressively and optimize your outcome.


General Counsel

Our firm can provide trusted and reliable guidance to your business when an entire general counsel department is unnecessary.

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Partner Disputes

If a partner or shareholder dispute arises, let us help you navigate your obligations and plan your next steps.

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Buy/Sell Contracts

Our experienced attorneys will help you whether you are buying or selling a whole business, only part of a business, or a piece of property.

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Contract Review

No matter how complex the contract, we can help you understand your obligations and role under an agreement. Our attorneys will make sure that you understand all that you are agreeing to.

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Let our firm help your start-up navigate unique legal challenges. Our business lawyers' expertise will position your start-up for long-term success.

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Employment Law Compliance

Our firm can help your business understand and comply with its obligations under employment laws and regulations. Avoid lengthy lawsuits or audits by getting ahead of employment disputes.

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Commercial Leases

Let Manes & Narahari, LLC be the solution for your commercial leasing needs. Our attorneys can negotiate favorable language and remove harmful provisions.

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Contract Negotiation

If your business needs to negotiate a contract, our attorneys can help you avoid loopholes and best position your business.

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Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement prevents an employee from leaving to work for a competitor. However, if not carefully drafted, the non-compete agreement may not be enforceable.


Unemployment Appeals

If an employee is terminated "for cause", the employee may not be eligible for unemployment compensation benefits. If a fired worker is approved for unemployment, we can help you appeal.


Franchise Agreement

Looking to buy a franchise? We can help you get in business and best position your franchise for success.

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Restructuring a business can present complex legal challenges. Whether you have to admit a new partner, owner, or merge two legal entities, our attorneys can help you.

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Our attorneys can help you register a trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We can help you maximize your legal protections while trademarking a logo, brand, or slogan.

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Our firm has over 10 years of experience providing world-class legal representation to those who need it. We help employees, entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals. Based out of Pittsburgh, we work with clients across Pennsylvania.  See what our clients say about us:


"They kept me up to date on all aspects of the case

and were attentive to my needs."

- Donald Bryan


One of our attorneys will review your case within 24 hours,

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