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Eastern Pennsylvania Unemployment Lawyer

The unemployment lawyers at KM&A are proud to offer a unique unemployment program that utilizes phone hearings so that Claimants no longer need to appear in person (most of the time), the employer must submit critical employment records and evidence beforehand (giving us the advantage), and extensive preparation with detailed outlines of your direct examination emailed to you.

When Do I Need an Unemployment Lawyer?

There are generally three distinct reasons when people absolutely need the help of an unemployment lawyer.

  1. An upcoming unemployment hearing.

  2. An appeal from an unemployment hearing to the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review.

  3. A hearing after a Notice of Overpayment.

In each of these situations, most people ask themselves, should I hire a lawyer? Without delving into the clear statistical evidence of attorney representation, the bias against people who don’t understand the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence, and the layperson’s lack of understanding of unemployment statutory and case law, the answer is simply “YES.”

Choose KM&A Eastern Pennsylvania Unemployment Lawyer

So which attorney for unemployment is the right one? It’s not an easy choice with so many people offering disingenuous advice and counsel. Let’s make this difficult question easy, here are three reasons to pick KM&A to provide legal help.

  1. A legal practice focusing on unemployment.

  2. An unemployment attorney who is exceptionally accessible.

  3. Cost effective and flexible payment.

  4. *Contingency unemployment.

  5. Managing the hearing by phone so you don’t have to appear in person.

Contact KM&A Eastern Pennsylvania Unemployment Lawyers

How do you take advantage of KM&A’s unemployment program? Call us right away and make sure to give us a good amount of time to file the proper paperwork. If you are unemployed recently and believe that you have been blocked from your UC benefits, contact an unemployment attorney now to hear your legal options.

Chat with an employment attorney: (412) 626-5626 or

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