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Brooks v. Long John Silvers et al

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 26, 2016 PRESS RELEASE FORMER EMPLOYEE FILES SUIT AGAINST LONG JOHN SLVERS FOR WRONGFUL TERMINATION PITTSBURGH, PA, February 22, 2016 – James Brooks filed a wrongful termination suit against Long John Silvers, Aesha Jaffrey, Syed Jaffrey and Zafar Jafri alleging wrongful termination and relation due to his race.

Mr. Brooks worked for Long John Silvers from 2012 until his termination. He was promoted to shift manager in 2013. Despite no history of disciplinary actions against him, Mr. Brooks was terminated in August 2014 based on one single customer complaint. This customer complaint, after questioning whether or not James could be Mr. Brooks’ real first name due to his skin color, goes on to describe a brute caricature of an African American male, so far removed from possible reality as to be absolutely unbelievable. It, of course, contains the statement “I’m not a racist, but…” This complaint was the only reason given for Mr. Brooks termination, meaning the Defendants ratified the ridiculous accusations and racial under and overtones in the complaint when making the decision to terminate Mr. Brooks.

Mr. Brooks is represented by Kraemer, Manes & Associates LLC, a Pittsburgh-based law firm focused on representing employees and protecting employee rights. The attorney on this case is Elizabeth Pollock-Avery, Esq.

The case was originally filed in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. A digital copy of the filed complaint is available under Docket Number GD-16-002626.

For more information about this case, contact Elizabeth Pollock-Avery at (412) 626-5580 or at ###

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