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Wrongful termination: what to do immediately after?

Has your employer fired you without an explanation? Have you been mysteriously removed from the schedule at work without being told why? Did you get an unsuspecting termination notice in the mail? If these things have happened to you the reason for your discharge may have been illegal. These are just a few of the clues that should lead you to suspect that your firing was illegal; oftentimes there are many other signs. Your employer may have treated you differently from other employees or perhaps they failed to provide accommodations for your disability. If these are the circumstances surrounding your firing you should take a couple of immediate steps that can help lay the groundwork for a wrongful termination lawsuit.

File for UC benefits

The first thing you should do after being terminated from a job is apply for Unemployment Compensation benefits. This is important because you will want to get your benefits granted as soon as possible so that you have income to survive off of. It is also important because information about your wrongful termination case can be gained throughout your unemployment proceedings.

Save any information concerning your termination

Save any and all information that you have regarding your termination and your time with your previous employer. This information can be key in preparing your case moving forward. Examples of this include any written write-ups or reprimands from the employer, termination letters, timesheets, and any other documentation you may have related to your employment.

Record your thoughts

As time goes on our memories fade. It is important to have an accurate image and account of the circumstances that surrounded your firing. My advice is to sit down and write a narrative that describes what happened when you were terminated and any reasons or thoughts that you have behind its motivation. Include any and all ideas that come into your head. Sometimes a wrongful termination case can have multiple reasons and events that motivated it. Any one of them could be key to your case.

Contact an attorney

If you believe you may have been illegally terminated, contact an attorney as soon as possible. The attorney can give you advice on exactly how to proceed relative to your particular case. The sooner that the attorney can intervene on your behalf, the more likely she will be able to build a strong case for you.

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