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What Do I Do About Revenge Pictures?

The use of revenge pictures is becoming more and more of a widespread problem as uploading photos and photo shopping pictures becomes easier. Revenge pictures are used in revenge porn, also considered non-consensual porn or image exploitation. In Pennsylvania, revenge porn is illegal.

If you have found revenge pictures of yourself online, a couple of options are available to you to pursue your rightful online sexual privacy.

8 Steps To Deal With Revenge Pictures

1. Reverse Google image search your pictures.

What Do I Do About Revenge Pictures?

You will need the revenge pictures used on your computer so you can use them to reverse image search. Google offers the option to search by an uploaded image. When you use the image for a search, it does not post to the internet.

2. Screenshot or print copies of the revenge pictures on the websites.

Having evidence of your photos will help you in the future if the photos are removed but you decide to pursue legal action. Within Pennsylvania, you can sue for damages when you find nonconsensual nude images online of you.

3. Request that the websites remove the revenge pictures.

The reputable websites online will respond favorably to your request to have photos taken down. However, not all websites are so easy. Be sure to document any communications between you and these websites.

4. Contact a lawyer.

What Do I Do About Revenge Pictures?

A revenge porn lawyer understands the law and how to use it leverage your case. Revenge pictures can ruin your career, relationships, and self-esteem. Fight back to regain your rights under the law to protect your online privacy. No one should have to deal with revenge porn on his or her own, contact a lawyer now.

5. File a police report.

Nonconsensual image sharing is illegal in Pennsylvania. Filing a police report will help to threaten the individual who uploaded photos of you online and gives them incentive to take the photos down. Do not allow an ex-partner or another perpetrator get away with this revenge porn crime.

6. Decide what to do about personal information shared with revenge pictures.

In many cases, the nonconsensual images are often accompanied with identifying information. Worst case scenarios include strangers showing up at your place of residence for sexual favors. Be aware of this side effect and protect yourself accordingly.

  1. update your privacy settings on your social media accounts

  2. stay with a friend for a few weeks

  3. change your phone number (however, you may want to speak with a porn revenge lawyer first)

  4. buddy system when walking near your home or workplace

  5. be ready to call the police if concerned for your physical safety

What Do I Do About Revenge Pictures?

7. Contact a revenge porn victim group.

You are not the only one to deal with revenge pictures. Having your sexual and online privacy violated so publicly can be isolating and shaming. Don’t allow this criminal act to define your life. Reach out to others who have been victimized by revenge porn and chosen to fight for their rights under the law.

8. Share about the crime of revenge photos.

Rather than allowing your perpetrator to belittle or humiliate you by exposing your nonconsensual images online, choose how to respond. Prevent revenge porn by raising the issue with friends, family, and community.

If you’ve discovered revenge pictures of yourself online, contact a revenge porn lawyer. He or she focuses on your sexual privacy rights under the law.

Don’t hesitate, talk to a revenge porn attorney: (412) 626-5626 or

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