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Pittsburgh - Paid Sick Days Act

Originally passed in 2015, The Paid Sick Days Act for Pittsburgh made its way in front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court after being challenged by several businesses within city limits. In 2019, the Supreme Court chose to uphold the Act for our city. The vote won 4 to 3. The Act was put in to place to encourage employees to stay home if they’re sick rather than coming in to work and risk spreading disease.

The Paid Sick Days Act falls under Pittsburgh’s City Code Chapter 26. This Act requires employers to provide eligible employees with paid sick time to care for an employee’s or family member’s health, whether that be a health injury, an injury, or an illness.

This Act give employees with in the City of Pittsburgh the right to accrue and use sick time. For every thirty-five hours worked, an employer is required to give the employee one hour of paid sick time. If an employer has less than fifteen employees, an employee can accrue no more than 24 hours of Paid Sick Time in a calendar year unless the employer allows a higher amount. If the employer has more than fifteen employees, an employee can accrue no more than forty hours of Paid Sick Time in a calendar year.

The Act required employers to pay the employee’s regular hourly rate. Tipped minimum wage is $2.83 an hour. If a tipped worker uses allotted paid sick time, the employer will have to pay Pennsylvania’s hourly minimum wage of $7.25. Because a tipped employee cannot collect tips if they use their accrued Paid Sick Time, the employer has to make up the difference due to the employee’s inability to make enough in tips to cover the state minimum wage.

This Act goes in to effect on March 15, 2020. However, for the first year of the Act, only Unpaid Sick Time will accrue. Starting March 15, 2021, Paid Sick Time will accrue.

This Act was initially issued on December 16, 2019 and revised on December 17, 2019.

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