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PA man alleged he was fired after sustaining an on-the-job knee injury

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PITTSBURGH – A former employee of Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. alleged he was denied access to worker’s compensation paperwork and terminated after he requested time off to undergo surgery for a work-related injury.

According to a complaint filed in the Western District Court of Pennsylvania, Plaintiff Robert Spruill began working as a Youth Support Specialist for Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. in April 2018. His job duties included interacting with juveniles who resided in the facility, and, on occasion, Mr. Spurill was required to engage in physical contact if the residents became violent, according to the complaint. He alleged in the filing that there were multiple instances wherein he sustained injuries while attempting to restrain male youths.

According to the complaint, in June 2018, Mr. Spruill twisted his knee while attempting to restrain a resident of the facility. He immediately reported the injury, according to the filing. Lead Attorney Prabhu Narahari alleged that no action was taken to ensure Mr. Spruill’s wellbeing following the injury. According to the complaint, he was injured again in a similar encounter in November 2018. Mr. Spruill alleged that he reported the injury and chose, of his own volition, to visit a local emergency room for his extreme knee pain. There, he was diagnosed with a torn meniscus, according to the filing.

Mr. Spruill alleged that his doctor instructed him to remain on light duty with limited standing as he recovered from the injury. According to the complaint, Mr. Spruill submitted a doctor’s note to management and requested light duty. However, he alleged that he did not receive the requested accommodation. Instead, according to the filing, he was scheduled to back-to-back shifts. Mr. Spruill alleged he reported the lack of accommodation to the Human Resources Department at Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp.

According to the complaint, Mr. Spruill soon learned that he needed to have a surgery to repair his torn meniscus. In the wake of his surgery, he repeatedly requested that Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. provide him with paperwork so that he could apply for worker’s compensation, according to the complaint. Mr. Spruill alleged he was never provided the appropriate paperwork. Then, on December 3, 2018, when he informed management of his need to have surgery, Mr. Spruill was terminated, according to the filing.

The two-count complaint alleges violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and the Pennsylvania Worker’s Compensation Act. Attorney Narahari asserted that Mid-Atlantic Youth Services, Corp. failed to provide adequate accommodation under the ADA. Additionally, according to Attorney Narahari, the agency also failed to provide Mr. Spurill with access to worker’s compensation.

Prior to the filing of the lawsuit, Mr. Spurill filed a complaint through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and was provided a right to sue. The lawsuit was filed by Attorney Narahari on April 3, 2020.

Ruppert Manes Narahari is a Pittsburgh-based employment law firm representing workers who have been wrongfully terminated, harassed, or cheated by their employers. The firm also provides business law-related services and represents small businesses and entrepreneurs in startup, transactional, and litigation matters.

For more information on the claims made by Mr. Spurill against the Beaver County YMCA, contact the law office of Ruppert Manes Narahari at 412-626-5626.

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