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EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

People experiencing discrimination at work must use The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or “EEOC” in order to pursue a claim of discrimination or retaliation. EEOC claimants typically have two questions:

1 – How do I file an EEOC complaint?

Enter your contact information and you will receive links for (a) EEOC filing instructions, (b) EEOC Online Case Assessment Tool, (c) EEOC office contact information (d) a sample EEOC Complaint with cover letter and memo of law, (e) a sample employment discrimination lawsuit filed in a court of law, (f) additional employment discrimination learning material, (g) unemployment benefit information, as well as (h) a free attorney consultation.

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2 – Should I have a lawyer?

Yes. The reality is that the EEOC is overwhelmed. While the EEOC is tasked with “investigating” every case, it  rarely does any meaningful investigation because it does not have the resources. Employers are not afraid of the EEOC. They know the overwhelmingly vast majority of claims will be dismissed after 1-2 years leaving claimants to fend for themselves. After that, most claims never get filed in court and the case just dies.

Early intervention through retaining a lawyer does several things: (a) it gives your case an actual advocate who has the tools to hold the employer accountable, (b) the threat of litigation can increase the value of your case, (c) lawyers are experienced at obtaining an EEOC mediation, (d) lawyers can get your case into court after six months, and (e) lawyers can bolster the EEOC investigation by providing the information they require. Most employment lawyers work on contingency so call for a free consultation (412) 626-5626.

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