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3 reasons Pittsburgh is the perfect place to start your small business

Right now the climate in Pittsburgh is cold. I’m sorry, it’s freezing! However the business climate in Pittsburgh is red hot. Many people think of the city as dirty, smoggy and packed with steel mills. But today’s Pittsburgh is actually quite different, driven by technology, health services and energy resources. It is cleaner than it has ever been in modern times and it is open for business. Here are three reasons to fulfill your dream of entrepreneurship in Pittsburgh, PA:

Pittsburgh is packed with young, educated, and highly qualified human capital

The University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. These are just a few of the nationally and world-renowned universities located in Pittsburgh. Each year they churn out thousands of young professionals from some of the world’s best programs in health technologies, robotics and computer sciences. Pittsburgh was recently ranked the #1 “brainiest” city in the United States. All of this young and highly qualified human capital makes for the perfect environment for small businesses to find the employees and services that they will need to build a great business.

The Greater Pittsburgh area is experiencing a boom in natural gas

Although it may be hard to start a small business in drilling for natural gas, there is a huge marketplace for support services built around the natural gas boom in Western PA. The Marcellus shale formation is the largest source of natural gas in the United States and nowhere is drilling activity greater than in Western Pennsylvania. This drilling equals a boom for support services including construction, engineering and office leases. The demand for services means plenty of opportunity for a small business entrepreneur ready to exploit the gas boom. It also means plenty of ready consumers with cash in their pockets.

Pittsburgh is America’s most liveable city

It is a nice selling point to be called the most liveable city in America, but what it really means is that Pittsburgh’s economy is very stable and predictable, and that is just what a nascent small business needs.  Real estate prices in Pittsburgh fluctuate much less than around the rest of the country, the health services are great and the older population makes for a base of financially stable consumers. A predictable market place and steady consumer base makes for the perfect breeding grounds for small businesses.


Don’t let the cold weather scare you away! Pittsburgh has the people, resources and economy to provide a perfect environment for growing your own small business. Contact a local business attorney to start your own small business today.[1][2]


[1] Crnko, Katharine, It’s official: Pittsburgh is the most liveable city in the U.S, Marketplace (February, 2011)

[2] Pittsburgh Ranked Smartest City in America, Pittsburgh Magazine (June 2013)

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