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How To Mindfully and Actively Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

How To Fix Gender Discrimination in the Legal World

We celebrate Women’s Equality Day with a nod to the past but with eyes focused on the future. In 1920, American women won the right to vote when two-thirds of the states ratified the 19th amendment. Now, Women’s Equality Day also represents the work that still needs to be done to gain equality for women in employment, pay, education, and leadership. Kraemer, Manes & Associates strives to eradicate gender discrimination from employment and fights for employee rights of women throughout Pennsylvania.

Mindful Ways To Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

Most American holidays are celebrated with outdoor barbecues and fireworks. But Women’s Equality Day calls for a different celebration altogether. In fact, women use this day to consider whether or not they are treated with equality. And this, too, is a celebration of the rights of American citizens to take a stand when discrimination and harassment are still present.

Consider the Hardships Women Still Face

female engineer in hard hat working

Despite the growing equality over the years for women and minorities, women still deal with setbacks placed upon them due to gender. Women must creatively progress in their career. However, sometimes, the gender discrimination becomes so crippling that speaking to an employment discrimination lawyer is the best option for resolution. Here are a list of hardships that women face in their career.

The Glass Ceiling

Although some might consider the glass ceiling to be fictional or an over-dramatic representation of the hierarchy in most employment fields, women recognize its daily existence in their lives. The glass ceiling keeps women from being promoted despite being qualified with education and experience. The glass ceiling keeps women from higher pay, even when they do earn the job title. The glass ceiling is another term for gender discrimination.

Gender Bias

Many people see only a person for their gender. This means that certain job positions are viewed as male positions or female-dominated roles. Women who try for a male-dominated positions are often overlooked for insubstantial reasons. When women face negative employment actions due to their gender, this is illegal.

Sexual Harassment

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Throughout the years women have been viewed as sexual objects, which the advertising industry only continues to encourage. Therefore, in the workplace, women sometimes face sexual harassment, and in extreme cases, sexual assault from coworkers and managers. This type of behavior is illegal and punishable by law. But, it also adds to women’s difficulty in progressing to higher leadership roles.

Pay Gap by Gender

Although the pay gap continues to lessen between men and women, it still persists. Some industries have less of a pay gap while others report larger pay gaps. Women need to take a stand by requesting pay raises to make them equal to male counterparts. When women recognize that their employer habitually offers women lower pay, this might be a case under the law for gender discrimination.

Actively Participate in Changing the Work Environment for Women

Everyone knows that statistically it takes 21 days to make a new habit. Change takes time. And it takes even longer to build a consistent lifestyle out of a collection of habits. Therefore, continuing the change that started when women received the right to vote has taken time. There’s still more to be done.

Look for the 50-50 Split

Companies should be moving towards a 50-50 split of men and women in the workforce throughout the ranks of job positions. In professions that are notably more male-dominated, pay attention to their openness to women being promoted to authority positions. Businesses with few women in leadership should be analyzed carefully since this could be a red flag.

Discrimination and Unconscious Bias Training

How To Recognize Discrimination

Businesses that care about having a diverse working force focus on training their employees about recognizing discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace. This helps employees in team activities. And when discrimination is spotted, the business can take steps to eradicating it.

Work Assignment Evaluations

Workplaces should evaluate the work assignment process on a routine basis. This ensures that projects are distributed fairly between qualified employees. Businesses that do not analyze the work distribution process could be allowing gender bias to create a hostile work environment.

Work/Life Balance

In creating a more inviting workplace for women, many companies are reevaluating their work/life balance. Since women are often the primary care givers for children or older family members, businesses recognize a need to provide childcare or elder care. Companies need to be capable of living up to their promises.

Happy Women’s Equality Day!

Kraemer, Manes & Associates believe in the employee rights of women and fight to improve their working circumstances throughout the year, not just on Women’s Equality Day. When situations of discrimination occur in the workplace, KM&A knows the legal options available to every woman. Contact KM&A today if you’ve suffered employment discrimination due to your gender.

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